Some Tips for Cheat on Words with Friends

Today the users of mobile and internet rise very quickly, so online games also develop constantly. Every game has been changed in order that they can be played on computer screen or handheld device such as cell phone. Words with friend cheater are one of the vivid sign of those changes.

If Cheat on Words with Friends phenomenon is absolutely new for you, you can learn it and some tips to play better at a fast rate. words with friendsIt is online web-based game and mobile app, which is another form of Scrabble- the old classic staple. As Scrabble, you goal of this game is to earn higher points than your co-player. You have two ways to play it. The first one is to play defensively, try your best to prevent your opponent from moving in order that he cannot gain high points. The second way is that you play offensively. You can make sure that you earn the highest scoring words on the board. Besides, you can play vertically or horizontally to get score as high as possible. You can raise your score totals for entire words or letters with the colored squares.


Actually, you play the game many times; you can get point total and tricks more. However, it’s not always correct. Words with Friends solver enable you to challenge your friends, your relatives or any random opponents. There are some tips which you need take to move up the score total ladder quickly.


● there are 101 words in total, so try your best to memorize and master two-letter words as much as possible.

● Do not use a U but learn by your heart all of Q words.

● Remember that three-four and five letter Q words can give you advantages, so learning them carefully will help you.

● When you are in trouble, there is one thing you need to do is to rearrange the tiles on the racks. This will help the new words pop up on your radar.

● Learn bonus squares and study the effective way to get maximum score total.


You should know what kind of player you are when playing words with friends’ cheater. Are you a super competitive or casual player? You cannot have exact answer because it’s just a matter of preference.

When the games become more and more popular, more and more competition will be held, which attract many people to compete. People still attending college or high school is a good part of tournaments which is as a good way in learning process. Getting high score in words with friend words is also an effective way to improve the vocabulary for any child or student.

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