Cheat On Words With Friends Dictionary

Cheat On Words With Friends Dictionary

The dictionary used when playing Words With Friends is different than the dictionary used for most other word games.  It is important to look up words from the correct source for any particular word game.  For Words With Friends, the dictionary that is used is ENABLE, which stands for Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon.  ENABLE is a public domain list that is often used by many other word games, but Words With Friends is the most popular due to the vast numbers of players in the online world of gaming.  The Words With Friends game creators have deleted and added some words from the standard dictionary.  Therefore, you must cross-reference the ENABLE dictionary in order to confirm that the words you are using during gameplay is in fact acceptable by the game rules.  The Words With Friends dictionary has more than 173,000 permissible words for gameplay.   Since there are different words in the Words With Friends Dictionary compared to the Scrabble Dictionary, there are a few additional as well as different words to memorize for particular word lists.  For example,  the U.S. version of Scrabble has 101 two-letter words and the U.K. version of Scrabble has 124 two-letter words; Words With Friends has 105 two-letter words.

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The differences in words between Scrabble and Words With Friends dictionaries spark up controversy in the word game world as to why certain words are deemed unacceptable.  In the Scrabble dictionary called SOWPODS, which is the word list used in Scrabble Tournaments across the globe except for in Thailand, USA, and Canada, there are a little more than 267,000 words.  In comparison, the Words With Friends ENABLE dictionary has a lot less, with approximately a little more than 173,000 words.  The ENABLE dictionary seems to have omitted most of the “offensive” or “dirty” words but still left a few of those words in the dictionary.  Some people guess that the approximate 100,000 words that were omitted from the ENABLE dictionary may have been determined unpopular in everyday vocabulary usage by the game developers.  But, there have been several reasons others have proposed as to why the ENABLE dictionary has much fewer words than its counterparts.  One of the reasons why Words With Friends uses enable is probably because of copyright issues;  the developers would like to differentiate the game from Scrabble as much as possible and using a different dictionary altogether assists them in doing so.  Another reason as to why Words With Friends uses ENABLE is that since this dictionary version has over 100,000 words less than SOWPODS, it makes this dictionary a much more user-friendly online application because it is smaller in size.  All these differences in dictionaries become quite confusing for those players who play both games online.  It actually makes cheating a little more difficult, too, since you have to reference different online tools quickly and correctly, being careful not to confuse the two during gameplay.   However, there are similar dictionary rules between the two games.  For instance, in both games, abbreviations, proper nouns, hyphenated words, prefixes, suffixes, and words that need an apostrophe are all unacceptable.  And for the most part, derogatory words and slurs are not permissible either.  The word faggot is allowed in Scrabble but not in Words With Friends.  The word shit does not appear in the Official Scrabble Dictionary but is does appear in the ENABLE dictionary.  The word jew does not appear in the Words With Friends Dictionary, but it is allowed in the U.S./U.K./Canada Scrabble games.  So, I guess it would be up to you to decide which game or dictionary is acceptable as being family-friendly or unoffensive.


  1. In the RACK box, enter your letters to find the best possible word by clicking on SEARCH. Use a question mark to designate a blank tile.
  2. If you want to use a specific beginning or ending for a word by using existing letters on the board, enter the letter or set of letters that your word must begin or end with in the PREFIX or SUFFIX box accordingly.
  3. Select SCORE to filter results by maximum point value, or select LENGTH to filter results by the number of letters in a word.