Tips on How to Play Words with Friends

Do you know the method to play the game Words with Friends? It is similar to Scrabble puzzle. However, Words with Friends has better features. If you have iPhone or cellphone, you can play it online with anyone who you like.

One of the convenient things of this game is that you can play it anywhere you like. You can play at home, school, office or café. You can easily offer your friends to join with you online whether you are.

On the other hand, other word games require you an official time words with friendsto play them, with Words with Friends you can play anytime you are handing the iphone.


To begin the game, you have to understand its rules. There is a letter tiles which is always the first word. They will be placed on the square. The rest of words will connect with any tiles. They can be shown horizontally or vertically.


Every letter has its value. For example, T is equal to three points. H is two points and E is one point. Therefore, it you create THE, you can get eight points. Words with Friends also contain blank tiles but they have no point. However, you can use them to change nay letter to build the word.


On the game board, there are some squares such as DL, DW, TW and TL. Player can use them to double the points, so they are wish of most players. For example, if you make the word with EX, the E is equivalent 7 points and X is two points so 9 are your total score. However, if the letter E is shown on TW, 7 points will become 14 points and 16 are your total points.


If you can use your 7 tiles in an every turn, you can take bonus score of 42 points which is known as Bingo. The game will finish if one player say that he or she has used all the letter tiles.

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