Tips on How to Improve Words With Friends Game

The Words with Friends is a famous game in the world game. There are many people playing this game every day. Do you want to become an excellent player in Words with Friends? If you want to do it, in this article, I will talk about some ideas that can help you to improve your game. Most players are using these tips to get high scores.

Firstly, rack management. In playing process you need to maintain proper rack management, it is one of the essential factors for your success in playing this game. words with friendsYou must keep a balance for your vowels and consonants. It is very difficult for you to make longer words if you have rack that contains all vowels or consonants. But in case you have more vowels or consonants, simply to use it for your benefit by making use tiles of your opponent.

Secondly, hook. You must learn how to become a good hooker. Hooking is a great strategy that you can add a letter at the start or end of a word to form a valid word. Hooks are powerful factor because when you put it on the proper tile you can get many high score. For example with a DOG word, you can add S to form a new word DOGS that will help you get an additional point. Remember that choosing the right time to hook is an important thing. When your opponent who is using words like J, Q, K, Z and X, this is the most ideal time to you use hook.

Next, counting technique. You should master the right counting technique. Maintaining track of your letter distribution is very great to give many advantages for your game. It is a quite hard work but it is very helpful. For example, if you want to have a  premium square like TW and you input a word DOG vertically and a word SEA horizontally then you can find a connection between DOG and S to form a word DOGS. To do this strategy successfully, you must check that your adversary will not have S letter because they can against you when they use S to add the DOG word and utilize the premium square.

Lastly, online tool. If you want to know more help, you can use the online tool. There are many Words with Friends cheats on the internet, words with friends solver is also great tool for you. It can supply you an ideal technique and idea on how to successfully play this game.

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