Some Ways to Play Words with Friends

Do you hear the game Words with Friends? Do you know how to play it? If your answer is No, the article will help you. Words with Friends are not different from Scrabble puzzle but it has more features. You can play it anywhere and whenever you like if you own a cellphone or iphone.
Firstly, you can enjoy Words with Friends anywhere you can. You can play it in a car, in the train or in an office. Besides, you can request your friends to play with you if they have free time. What’s more, you can enjoy it anytime you online. You can play in early morning, afternoon or midnight when everyone is in sleep.

words with friendsUntil you understand the rule of the game, you should begin the game. The instruction is the first part of the game, so you should read carefully. The next thing you should do is that you have to replace the letters of the tiles. Then, you can combine the rest of letter with suitable tiles. You will realize that they are presented vertically or horizontally.

Every letter has fixed point. For instance, E is three points? A is four points and R is five points. Therefore, if you make the word EAR, you will get 12 points. Blank tiles don’t have any point. However, you should them to create words from changing letters.

DL, DW, TW and TL are squares which are used to double the score. Therefore, if you have opportunities to use them, don’t hesitate to take it. For instance, if one makes the term with EX, the E is equivalent 6 points and X is 4 points so10 are the total score. However, when the letter E is presented on TL, 6 points will end up 12 points and 16 are the total points.

You can get 36 points from bonus if you can you 6 tiles in every. The game will end until one of two players has no more tiles to use.

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