Tips and Strategies to Improve Words With Friends Game

Words With Friends is one of the most popular games on the internet. This game can be played by all people of any age old and young. Do you want to become an excellent player in Words With Friends game? To do this you need a great knowledge and some strategies and methods to play this game. With this article, you will learn about tactics that help you get high scores for playing this game.

words with friendsThere are a lot of strategies that players use when playing words with friends game. Here are the tactics for playing Words With Friends:

Adding on. When you have played a word, and then you also continue to add letters into a new word. For example, the word “air” you can create many possible words such as: pair, repair, airway, stairway and many more or the word “build” could become rebuild or building, etc.

Add to memory unique two letter words such as: AG, AE, AA, QI, XU, XI, MM etc… Studying these letters you will get lots of points. And also you should learn all the words that use Q letter because it is precious letter and this letter must to be played on a double or triple square. The specific words that use Q letter are suq, quag, qua, Qaid(s) and qat.

One other important strategy is that you try to work in a place where your tiles contain the extra squares such as: twofold or threefold word squares. You can place a Q or a Z on a triple letter square; they will boost your word score significantly. However, you are careful do not leave your opponent in a place to take benefit of the bonus scores.

Adding an E or ER letter to the end of high scoring words that locate near a bonus square so you can increase your score dramatically. Whilst your opponent will get fewer letters to make a word off them.

However, sometimes you still get stuck with the tiles and you cannot create any words. At this time, you can think about an online tool, you can words with friends cheats on internet. Words with friends solver can give for you many good ideas and techniques on how to successfully play this word game. A words with friends solver can aid you get highest points from your tiles. You simply input in your tiles and boar and then the tool will supply many possible words and you only choose a brilliant result to put your word on the right place.

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